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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Democrats have criticized Bush's foreign policy for every reason they could think of. Too independent, relied too much on allies, too arrogant, etc. Here is a view of Obama from France:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly views Barack Obama's position on Iran as as "utterly immature" and comprised of "formulations empty of all content." Sarkozy is also said to have remarked that it would be "arrogant" for Obama, if he is elected president, to ignore allies like France and open a direct dialogue with Iran without preconditions.

As Emanuele Ottolenghi notes, Sarkozy's use of the term "arrogant" is interesting because Obama's (utterly immature) critique of U.S. foreign policy relies heavily on the notion that we have been "arrogant" in our dealings with the rest of the world. In fact, the reason Obama has advanced for engaging in talks with a series of anti-American dictatorships, not just Iran, is the need to overcome the perception that we are "arrogant."

How can the President of France have such a view? Doesn't he realize that Obama is the One? How can one who is pefect be arrogant?


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