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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here is an article by a guy who thinks the current Presidential election is not about race or sex, but rather is about class. McCain and Palin are losing because they act like low class folk. They are solidly middle class, but are suspect because they deliberately make no attempt to act upper class. That's why I like them, but then I make no attempt to act upper class. Clinton was really a low class guy, but he acted upper class in public. Truman was the only President in the last 100 years who was middle class, and acted like it. After he left office he was invited back to Washington for an event of some sort. He drove himself in his own car and didn't have any secret service guards, servants, staff or other strap-hangers. (He carried a 0.38 revolver for self protection.) He didn't like servants skulking about. I agree with Truman. Maybe the author is on to something.


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