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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Democrats are up to their usual antics stealing elections. They get a lot of ineligible people to vote, but that doesn't amount to anything unless the race is close. After the voting is over, if it is close, but they are behind, that is when they put their plan into motion. During the recount thier candidate gets more and more votes, while the Republican doesn't get any new votes. Then, if need be, at the end they suddenly find enough votes to put their candidate over the top. They are doing that now in Minnesota in a close vote.

See this Powerline blog for some details:

They did this in Washington in 2006 in the election for governor. They just kept recounting until their candidate had the most votes: then, as always, the recount stopped. They tried that in the Presidential election in Florida in 2000. In that case they wanted to have a recount only in Democratic precincts where they could stuff the box; they knew that in a statewide recount the Republicans were aware of what was happening, and they could also stuff the box. That is why the election was over when the Supreme Court upheld the Florida law requiring a statewide recount, which had been overturned by Gore's appeal to the Florida Supreme Court. After the election in 2000 impartial parties did a recount, and Bush had the most votes. The reason Democrats felt they were cheated is becasue they were denied what they feel is their god-given right to stuff the box in recounts. Democrats should be really proud of how they can steal elections. They know that Republicans are uneasy about such illegal activities, so they can only operate in an ad hoc manner in recounts. But the Democrats plan ahead on how they will stuff the box if the election is close. Notice how in Minnesota the equipemt didn't work as planned to electronically transmit the results, so the election judge has to hand carry the ballots, tallies, etc. in to election headquarters. Al Franken apparently picked up a few hundred votes on the way. Back when I was a Democrat (before I was asked to get lost) I saw how numbers were transposed to give the good guys more votes and the bad guys fewer votes, all for God and country.


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