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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dr. Jennifer Marohasy, an Australian, has a good blog on Climate Change. Here is an article from her blog on the state of wind power in Great Britain. Great Britain is among the best places in the world for successful development of wind power. But, the results of their significant investment in wind power are not good. This article illustrates why T. Boone Pickens likes wind power: it leads to a lot more use of natural gas fuel for gas turbine power generation since the utilization for wind turbines is very low.

It is always a mystery to me why people think there is some magic innovation that is cheaper than fossil fuel, but has been blocked
by evil capitalists. I suspect that some of the alternative sources might be attractive at oil prices above $150 per barrel. At present the cost of oil for marginal producers is estimated at $75 per barrel by the Saudi's, who probably have as good a grip on the economics as anyone.


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