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Monday, November 17, 2008

If a person points out that black people on average have an IQ almost one standard deviation lower than white people (87 compared to 100), something that is factually correct, then liberals would proclaim that person a racist., However, if one were to point out that Jews have on average an IQ about one standard deviation higher than other white people (112 compared to 100) of than Northeast Asians have an average IQ of 106 compared to 1000 for white people, that would be OK. Considering this one might reasonably conclude that liberals are racists who discriminate against white people. Given these numbers it is no surprise that Jews have earned so many Nobel Prizes in the sciences despite their small numbers, while few blacks have made such achievements despite their relatively large numbers. There is a fundamental problem here that policy makers have been unable to deal with. Blaming white people for the plight of black people seems to be the preferred policy of liberals, a policy that has obviously failed. Here is a comment on this by Walter Williams, one of my favorite commentators:

"The fact that the nation elected a black president hopefully might turn our attention away from the false notion that discrimination explains the problems of a large segment of the black community to the real problems that have absolutely nothing to do with discrimination. The illegitimacy rate among blacks stands at about 70 percent. Less than 40 percent of black children are raised in two-parent households. Those are major problems but they have nothing to do with racial discrimination. During the early 1900s, illegitimacy was a tiny fraction of today's rate and black families were just as stable as white families. Fraudulent education is another problem, where the average black high school senior can read, write and compute no better than a white seventh-grader. It can hardly be blamed on discrimination. Black schools receive the same funding as white schools and most of the teachers and staffs are black and the schools are often in cities where the mayor and the city council are mostly black. Crime is a major problem. Blacks commit about 50 percent of all homicides and 95 percent of their victims are blacks. Tragically, many black politicians and a civil rights industry have a vested interest in portraying the poor socioeconomic outcomes for many blacks as problems rooted in racial discrimination. One of the reasons they are able to get away with such deception is because there are so many guilt-ridden white people." --columnist Walter Williams


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