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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama had a press conference on during prime time. It was boring. The press asked softball questions, and Obama bloviates until the time runs out. Basically the press conference is scripted and Obama doesn't even answer the softball questions, but rather makes a speech. I guess it has to be that way since, as we have seen several times, he has to have a teleprompter to sound coherent. One question asked was what Obama found "enchanting" about the White House. What kind of question is that? I doubt Truman's answer to that one would have been printable. The reporters have really gotten into an "NPR" mode. A friend of mine who listens to Nina Tottenberg on NPR (I can't stand to listen to her) says almost all of her male quests sound "gay." I don't know about that, but reporters today definitely seem to be "metrosexuals." I think there are some reporters now who are reminiscent of Ernie Pyle or Earnest Hemingway, but they are independent operators reporting in blogs rather than working for the MSM. The press conference was a total waste of everyone's time as far as I am concerned, but Obama is very popular so I guess Rahm Emanuel and Axelrod know what they are doing. Obama has a significant advantage in popularity polls over Bush for example. About 13% of the people in the US are black, and they are virtually all unconditionally behind Obama (and were opposed to Bush). Also a very large majority of the Hispanics are unconditionally for Obama, as are about 90% of the MSM and the other "metrosexuals." This gives Obama a significant advantage in popularity polls, and I think is a sign that democracy in America is in serious peril. After the Democrats give all of the illegal aliens and their relatives still in Latin America citizenship Obama will be unbeatable, no matter what he does. He may not choose to make himself President for life in 2016, but he will have the votes if he so chooses. (Remember, blacks stand behind murdering thugs like O. J. Simpson and Latin Americans are quite happy with dictators.)


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