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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Flopping Aces has an excellent discussion of Whitaker Chambers and how his book "Witness" relates to the age of Obama. Liberals and Democrats have long vilified Chambers because his testimony sent the liberal golden boy, and secret communist, Alger Hiss to jail for spying for the Soviet Union. Even though information obtained after the fall of the Soviet Union verified Hiss's guilt, liberal Democrats still cling to the lie that Hiss was not a spy, and was not responsible for Roosevelt giving in to Stalin at Yalta. Liberal Democrats also deny that FDR's New Deal was populated with communists. McCarthy had it right, but was a bit late because Truman had quietly purged many of the communists from government. Flopping Aces points out the similarity of Obama's actions and the approach used by communists. I don't know that Obama is a communist, or a Marxist, or a Fascist, or a Muslim. But he is some sort of totalitarian. Maybe a new type, but a budding totalitarian nevertheless. Obama has basically declared in recent statements that the rule of law no longer applies, that the USA is no longer a Christian nation, and that business is no longer in control (which I take that to mean that the USA is no loner a capitalist nation).


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