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Monday, August 24, 2009

I saw a Democrat on TV today who said that he doesn't understand why people are upset that Obamacare would involve rationing because, he said we have rationing now based on price. Apparently he thinks that it would be better to have government bureaucrats apportion healthcare than to have done in the market. That is curious because most things in life are apportioned by price. The President and his family are vacationing with the elites at Martha's Vineyard in a house that costs $35,000 per week. Not many of us can afford that. In my opinion the fact that most of us can't afford it is no reason that Obama shouldn't do it. This healthcare issue highlights something that is a characteristic of leftists and many Democrats; namely, they are driven by envy. After all, all people in America, even those without insurance, have better healthcare than most people in the world. Thus, what Democrats and leftists want is to punish middleclass people, whom they hate. The rich are not affected by this at all, and neither are the few Congresspersons that are not rich.


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