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Friday, September 04, 2009

Birds of a feather flock together. That no doubt explains why the Obama Administration is aligning with all of the communist dictators in calling for the deposed communist President Zelaya of Honduras to be restored to his office. He was kicked out for violation of the Honduran Constitution when he tried to hold an illegal special election to effectively make himself President for life. (He already had the ballots counted so he was certain of the outcome. No wonder Democrats like his style.) Obama and Hillary Clinton now say they won't recognize the results of the regularly scheduled Honduran election this Fall. That is odd, since according to the Honduran Constitution, Zelaya is not eligible to run for office again. It may be that Obama doesn't think the Honduran Constitution is Constitutional, or something like that. Obama does not seem to think much of Constitutions, but does seem to like the sound of President for Life, something much desired by communist dictators. Here are neo neocon's comments on this undemocratic stance by the Obama Administration.


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