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Monday, September 28, 2009

Here from Strata Sphere is more about the problems with the data that show that the earth has been warming at an unprecedented level recently. I have long been concerned because the agencies gathering global temperature data were unwilling to share their data or the methods they used to massage the raw data, which did not show significant warming before massaging. Now it turns out that the owners of the data no longer have the raw data, or a record of which data they used in their analysis.

A. J. Strata worked for NASA in a job that sounds similar to what I did. PhD types are frequently liberals who believe in something for nothing, and the Program Managers want to believe them. System engineers are necessary to keep things in balance. The UN IPCC doesn't seem to have any system engineers, nor do national governments. They want to believe in global warming because they can use it to advance their political agenda.


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