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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Obama and the Democrats had to cut a lot of deals to get the so-called healthcare reform passed by the House of Representatives. Dick Morris outlines some of the deals that were made. This is some of Obama's Chicago-style politics that rewards those who play ball and penalizes those who do not. Most people probably do not recognize that AARP is now an insurance company. Nor that Bush's Medicare Advantage program, which works well, cut into AARP's business. But Obama is going to fix that; he's cancelling Medicare Advantage. He argues that it primarily helps the privileged, to the disadvantage of those less fortunate. That doesn't make a lot of sense since anyone on Medicare can join Medicare Advantage. Naturally the AARP Medigap policies cost a lot more than Medicare Advantage, but so what. Obama doesn't like those privileged folks who are paying attention enough to enroll in Medicare Advantage anyway. He likes people who just turn their life over to the government. we may find out what Pelosi gave to individual Representatives to get their vote. One Republican representing a predominantly Democrat district voted for the bill. It will be interesting to see if Democrats mount a serious challenge in the next election. Hopefully a Republican Challenger will knock him out in the primary.


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