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Monday, November 16, 2009

One odd thing about bringing KSM and three other terrorists to New York for trial is that many of the other terrorists in custody will be tried by military tribunals. Why are they not all tried in civilian courts, or all tried in military tribunals? There is no consistency. I hear some liberals now saying that the Nuremberg trials of Nazi's after WWII were unconstitutional; that the trials should have been in the US. That seems odd to me. The Nazi's did a lot more damage to other countries than the US. I think it is clear that Obama has a different agenda with KSM. He would like to put the Bush Administration on trial and thinks that the ACLU will help KSM's defense team do just that. The liberals are hoping that they can get some fuel for going to Europe and getting a war crime indictment against Bush. I think that would work out really badly for Democrats in future elections, but I think liberal Democrats are eager to do it.


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