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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Here is a good discussion of how the Hadley CRU team manipulated and fudged data to make it appear that there was unprecedented warming of the Earth during the latter half of the 20th century. This fraud was not confined to researchers in Great Britain, but also extended to the US. There were also questions about the accuracy of the temperature measurements because about 90% of the instrument sites are poorly situated. The data collectors claim that they have computer routines that correct the temperature data. But, contrary to normal scientific practice, they do not share the algorithms used to make those corrections. (It appears to me that the correction procedures would have to be tailored to each of the thousands of sites; a Herculean task that I doubt has been done.) There is nothing new in all of the foregoing; everyone who monitored the UN IPCC output knew what was happening. But critics were silenced and data was not shared, so people who did not agree with the apocalyptic AGW hypothesis were ignored. Politicians and the media ran interference to prevent effective criticism. By the way, contrary to what the apocalyptic AGW hypothesis supporters claim, a person does not have to be a climatologist to understand that massaging and manipulating temperature data to make appear colder in the past and warmer in the present can provide a false picture that temperature is going up like the blade of a hockestick. After all, it only takes a change of few tenths of a degree in each direction to create a freightening picture, particularly if creative chartsmanship is used.


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