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Monday, January 11, 2010

There is something funny about the funding of the scientists working on the AGW scare. There seems to have been orders of magnitude more money spent by the proponents of the AGW hypothesis than by the skeptics. Much of the proponent’s funding came from governments, directed by politicians that have an agenda that involves increased government control, and even, according to what they said in Copenhagen recently, world government. Others like Al Gore and the head of the IPCC seem to have personal profit motives. Some of the funding appears to have come from organizations associated with George Soros. The Tides foundation also seems to have been involved. Regardless of the validity of the AGW hypothesis, there appears to have been a world-wide conspiracy in play.

Here is a story about some of the funding.

It seems to me that any real journalists would be interested in following the money to see what this was all about, to get the story, even if they agree with the AGW proponent’s agenda. But, maybe they know that this conspiracy is is widespread that there would be no Pulitzer for revealing the story.


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