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Monday, February 15, 2010

Robert Reich, the economics professor who was formerly in the Clinton Administration recently said we are going to have to stop wasting money and developing technology to keep old people alive. People, mostly Democrats, made fun of Sarah Palin’s Death Panel comment. But she had it exactly right. Tom Daschle wrote a book about healthcare that was the blueprint for Obamacare. The book said that we were going to have to quit treating old people who are about to die anyway. Rahm Emmanuel’s brother, Ezekiel, is a doctor who advises Obama and he has also said we need to quit wasting money on the terminally ill. (How do we know when someone is terminally ill? Some old people survive when treated. If we don’t treat them, they will probably die. Obama’s solution is to establish standards on how to determine who should be treated. Necessarily a “one size fits all approach” that takes the decision out of the hands of the individual, his family and his doctor. Palin called that a “death panel.” Democrats said she was wrong, it should be called the “Life Panel.” That just seems like a matter of semantics to me.) As far as Robert Reich is concerned, he is an intellectual Democrat who blurts out the truth that Democrats tried to obfuscate. This issue is the result of the government taking over the healthcare of older people with Medicare. Does the government want to stop old people from spending their own money on life-saving techniques? My impression is that Obama thinks it is unfair that some people would have enough money for more life extending medical care than poor people. This is an example of what happens on the road to serfdom.


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