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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Obama and Eric Holder are remarkably uninformed about the history of the United States with regard to how enemy combatants have been dealt with. In 1916 Pancho Villa, the Mexican Bandit/Revolutionary was swindled in an arms deal by an American. The American lived in Columbus New Mexico. Villa decided to attack Columbus for, among other reasons, revenge. Villa's little army captured the town and executed a few of the citizens. But, the individual he sought happened to be out of town. A nearby US army base was also attacked, but that didn't go so well for Villa. The US Army quickly responded with a volume of fire that Villa's men had never before encountered, routing his army which fled back into Mexico in disarray, losing about one hundred men to four or five of the US Army. A few of Villa's men were captured, and they were summarily hanged without Miranda rights or any other formalities. I'm sure that Obama and Holder are appalled that the invaders were not granted their Constitutional rights. Obama will probably want to apologize to Mexico for this past offense. Of course the Mexican government at the time had no objections; if they could have caught Villa and his men they would have dispatched them the same way. (When I was in elementary school I had a teacher who was a child in Columbus at the time of Villa's raid, but I don't know how accurate her memory was.)


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