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Thursday, April 08, 2010

One curious thing about the AGW hysterics is that they proclaim two mutually exclusive things that support their call for draconian action. They say that green energy must be developed because we are rapidly running out of fossil fuels, and burning fossil fuel is destroying the climate. If we are running out of fossil fuel, why bother to outlaw using it?


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I love this point. I was following all of the interesting information about global warming many, many years ago before it became such a cultural issue. Back then, there were many differing points of view and quite a bit of open discussion. This exact point was one that always came up. How can we predict that our impact on the environment is going to increase at the current rate while some of the exact same people are saying that we have already reached 'peak oil'? If we run out of oil in the next 50 years -- environment saved!! Of course, the economy will be shattered... but it does poke a big hole in the argument of climate predictions -- irregardless of whether or not you believe the cause is man-made.

Love the blog...

...Mark Young

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