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Sunday, May 02, 2010

President Obama is a prevaricator of the highest order. He demonstrates his skill frequently, as in a recent speech in which he vilifies Representative Boehner. He said that Boehner went to a meeting with Wall Street, and came back opposed to Obama's financial reform plan. He implies that Boehner was "bought off." This is typical lying by Obama. He fails to note that Boehner was opposed to the financial plan before the Wall Street meeting. For those who are knowledgeable, Obama's entire premise is flawed because most Wall Street executives, such as the head of Citi, BoA, J. P Morgan, and Goldman-Sachs favor Obama's financial reform, as well they would be expected to since it favors large firms at the expense of smaller firms, exactly what fascists favor. Obama also ignores the fact that Wall Street gave far more money to Democrats than Republicans in both 2008 and this year. In 2008 Goldman-Sachs gave about $1 million to Obama and about $40 million to Democrats. The MSM are in the tank for Obama, and do not point out Obama's obvious lies which they know about, but the public is unaware of because the MSM does not keep them informed.


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