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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A lot of Americans find it hard to believe, but one thing that happens in socialist countries is that it becomes illegal to defend yourself. This has happened in England. A few years ago two men broke into a home with intent to rob the owner. The owner confronted them with a shotgun. The men tried to grab the gun and one was shot and wounded. The burlars and the owner were sent to prison. Later the burglars were paroled, but the home owner was denied parole because the parole board said he remained a threat to burlars. Here is another case that happened recently:

Self-Defense In Britain: Not Allowed
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A shopkeeper in the British town of Skelmersdale, Lancashire, fought back against a career criminal who was in the process of trying to carjack the man. Despite being stabbed himself in several places, the shopkeeper, Tony Singh, managed to wrestle the knife away from Liam Kilroe, a wanted fugitive with warrants out for his arrest. Singh stabbed Kilroe, killing him.

The police then promptly arrested Singh and charges of murder are being considered.

Kilroe had been given bail last year despite pleas he remain in custody after his trial for the two earlier robberies collapsed.

Lancashire Police issued a warrant for his arrest last week because he failed to appear in court.

But days later, on Sunday night, he was still on the run and targeted Mr Singh's late-night corner shop in Skelmersdale, Lancashire.

Kilroe suddenly appeared at the shopkeeper's car window and smashed it with the butt of his knife before putting his arms in the car and demanding the takings.

Mr Singh refused to give up without a fight and they tussled for several minutes before Kilroe was stabbed in the chest.

Officers later found the shopkeeper in his car with stab wounds to his back and neck and the robber's dead body on the floor nearby.

They immediately detained Mr Singh on suspicion of murder and questioned him for hours after he had been given hospital treatment.

His knife was later recovered at the scene, but it is still not clear whether the shopkeeper told police he had stabbed the robber in self-defence or if it was an accident.

Mr Singh was eventually freed on bail after several eye-witnesses backed up his story that Kilroe had been trying to rob the shop and was stabbed with his own knife.

But Lancashire Police are now sending a file to the CPS for lawyers to consider whether murder, manslaughter or assault charges should be brought against him.

The Daily Mail reports that people who know Singh are outraged that the police are even considering charges against him. Let's hope they talk some sense into the authorities. But it is sickening that the police even arrested him in the first place.

In a nanny state, the police are supposed to protect everyone so citizens do not have a right to defend themselves. Of course the police cannot provide protection, so, if attacked a citizen has a duty to die with grace.


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