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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

According to what I see on TV, the polls on the Presidential race are tightening as we near the end. This seems to always happen in the last week. I have some thoughts on why this phenomena always happens. Early in the race there is an attempt by pollsters to show a large lead by their favorite to create a sense of inevitability. Near the end the pollsters begin to worry about their reputation, so they try to get more realistic. Then there are the media. They also want to influence the outcome by making it appear that their favorite is going to win. But, as the election nears they begin to worry about ratings, which will not be good if the election is decided early in the evening. That is also why they have decide not to project a winner early. They desperately want the Democrat to win, but, even more desperately they want the Republicans to not give up and switch channels.


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