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Monday, October 20, 2008

THe current financial crisis was partially caused by the subprime mortgage mess, but measures to reduce CO2 emissions were also a factor, as explianed by the economist Larry Kudlow:

Barack Obama says he will immediately order the EPA to certify CO2 as a pollutant (never mind that life can't exist without CO2 in the atmosphere). This will then allow environmentalists to sue, as they are eager to do, to stop construction of all CO2 emitting power plants in the US. He will also stop drilling off of the coast of the US, and will no doubt aid the Tides Foundation in their attempts to stop drilling on private property. The net result will be Jimmy Carter style stagflation on steroids. The economy is at risk. (In this regard John McCain is not much better than Obama.) In a few years the people will wish that the evil George Bush was back in the White House.


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