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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our politicians talk a lot about providing a college education for everyone. They don't believe in IQ, and don't realize that half of the people have an IQ of less than 100, or that it takes an IQ of over 106 (about 35% of the population are at this level or higher)at the minimum to succeed in college. The following article discusses the issue of people who are not qualified going to college and not succeeding. This wastes time and money, and is probably damaging to self-esteem of the individuals. This article says that only 23% of high school graduates are prepared for college. It turns out that about 23% of the population have an IQ of 111 or higher. About 40% of Freshmen do not graduate in six years. I think it is clear that too many people are going to college, and that the nation would be better served if some alternative type of training were offered.


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