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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Recently my son also posted a blog about the unreliability of Snopes with rgard to political issues. I suppose that great minds think alike. Here is his post:

Obama Supporting African Thugs

Here is a post that I put up about a week ago. One of my friends wrote me an email to let me know that I had been duped and that my facts were wrong according to Snopes. Sure enough, I went out to Snopes and was a bit surprised that most of what I had written, and been writing about, and had known to be true was suddenly wrong!!

Since it was so far out of whack, I pulled the entry down as I didn’t want to be someone spreading dis-information as easily as everyone does on the Internet. I also went back to researching the information and made a startling discovery.

Snopes is liberally biased and this is proven repeatedly by showing Snopes reports compared to actual facts and events that shape politics. Do a google on Snopes and liberal. So I went back and continued to do some more research on my original post. I am going to let it stand. The only thing that is partially unclear is whether or not Obama is really Odigna’s cousin. What is not unclear is that Obama has some sort of relation with the man and has campaigned both with and for him at various times.

Snopes may be good at dispelling hoax emails, but I can no longer trust them to accurately report on political issues. One report I read indicated that the author searched multiple instances of Obama and then multiple instances of McCain. Overwhelmingly Snopes reported negative information of Obama to be False, while it simultaneously reports negative information about McCain to be true. Who do you trust? I suppose you have to gather the facts for yourself and arrive at your own conclusions.

And now, without further delay….the original post!

I’ve written about Raila Odinga before. He’s Obama’s cousin and as he puts it, they stay in close contact. Obama recently donated almost $1-million U.S. dollars to Odinga’s cause. BTW – the Obama camp refuses to comment on the donation.

What is his cause? Rewriting the constitution of his country to change it to a nation of Islam based on Shira law. He was just recently involved in a political melt-down in which thousands of people were slaughtered – mostly based on their race. Odinga was just named Prime Minister in an effort to stop the violence! This is not the first time Odinga has been involved with this level of violence. Let’s call it what it is – genocide.

Again, you just don’t hear about this much here in the west (America). Not only do you not hear much about the Muslim violence and genocide in Africa the media consistently fails to report it in any manner associated with Barack Huessein Obama.

And yes, I used his middle name just like Sherrif Mike Scott who is now being persecuted by the press.

Look – you people that support Obama seemingly and consistently turn a blind eye to his political and Muslim ties, and ties to violence, outside of the U.S. And why is it important that it’s Muslim ties? Because the violence and genocide that is occurring in Africa and other parts of the world is directly related to Islam, its beliefs and it’s teachings.

It’s hypocritical to fault the Bush administration for continued violence and the war yet you turn a blind eye to Obama and his support of his cousin (Odinga) who could be called an orchestrator of mass murder.

That’s why conservatives in the U.S. are very concerned about Obama’s loyalty to the U.S., and the constitution.

I don't know exactly what the relationship is between Odinga and Obama is. I have read that Odinga is Obama's uncle, and that he is his cousin. Given the number of wives Muslims have, and their frequent changes, intermarriage, etc. who knows? They may not be certain themselves. But, it is definite that the two are friendly, and that Odinga is a committed Muslim. The Muslims tend to stick with their families. See the recent Steve Sailer blog on cousin marriage in Iraq.


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