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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Al Gore tells us that glaciers are retreating due to global warming. People who actually know something about glaciers say that is not quite accurate, and that there are as many advancing as retreating. Here is an article from Dr. Jennifer Marohasy's blog on glaciers:

The Fox Glacier is Advancing
Posted by jennifer, November 25th, 2008 - under News.
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Hi Jennifer,

I believed that all glaciers are in retreat due to global warming. But then I discovered, when I recently visited New Zealand, that I had been deceived.

In September we visited the Fox glacier on the West coast. We passed a sign some kilometres from its face telling us that this marked where the glacier was in 1750.

When we reached the face we were told that the glacier stopped retreating in 1985 and is in fact now advancing at the rate of one metre a week.

I understand that the nearby Franz Jeseph Glacier has a similar history.

So I wonder what has been happening to other glaciers in the world in the last few hundred years not just the last 100 years. Were they also in retreat as long ago as 1750?

Doug Killeen
Seymour, Australia


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