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Sunday, November 02, 2008

During this election cycle the media have not reported what Barack Obama says to the public, and for reasons that I don't understand, McCain has not pointed out much of what Obama stands for. Back in January Obama said he intends to tax the coal industry out of existance, including coal fired power plants. The US gets 40% of its electric power from coal fired power plants. His position is obviuosly known to the media, and those deep thinking journalists probably agree with Obama. I wonder how the public will react when the lights go off? Obama also wants gasoline to cost much more. He and the Democrats are hypocritical enough to blame Bush for high gasoline prices while planning to drive prices even higher. Presumably McCain would be better in this regard than Obama, but he also has bought into the catastrophic global warming hoax. Here is an article about Obama's policy statements that have not been widely reported.


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