Location: Pantego, Texas, United States

Monday, November 10, 2008

The other day I read where some British Politician opined that the United States is no longer a white nation. He seemed happy about that, as are many American liberals. Whites are still the majority, but their percentage of the population is shrinking fast. Mexicans are coming in fast, and will soon be the majority in Texas. Within a few years, Mexicans will be the majority in the entire country. This pleases the liberals, who, along with blacks and Hispanics and Arabs, dislike white people. I wonder if these people have thought about this some; can they name a successful country that is controlled by blacks or Latin Americans? I can't think of one. There were some successful countries in Africa while they were run by whites. Now even South Africa is sinking into chaos. Liberals appear to be get what they have wanted in the US. I wonder if they will like it in 30 or 40 years.


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