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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reports are that Obama is going to make Penny Pritzker the Head of the Commerce Dept. Her bank went bust a few years ago. Subprime loans didn't work out. She was one of the leaders in the subprime loan business. More recently she handled finances for the Obama campaign. She is another rich socialist from Chicago with a definite fascist philosophy. It is ironic that real fascists accused Republicans of being fascists who were about to trash the constitution are now taking control of the government with the intent of trashing the constitution.

Consider the situation in California where the Supreme Court is considering whether or not an amendment to the constitution is constitutional. We are entering an era where the Courts no longer find new rights in the Constitution never before perceived; now the courts are going to stop any pretense about not legislating from the bench. It won't matter what is written; they will just make up the law as they go along. That is standard procedure for fascist states.


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