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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The governor of Illinois is in trouble for general corruption. He is a Democrat, something not widely reported. Actually, if the newspaper article doesn't identify the culprit's party in the headline, or at least in the first paragraph, then he is a Democrat. The transcripts of the governor and his wife, the daughter of one of the leaders in the Daley political machine, show that their language is both coarse and vulgar. Several recent governors of Illinois have been sent to prison. The previous governor, now in prison, was a Republican who was elected as a reformer to replace a crooked Democrat. The current governor was elected as a reformer to replace the crooked Republican. Politics in Illinois appears to just be crooked. Obama came from there, but his friends say he has integrity; he just had to associate with crooks in order to get ahead in Illinois politics. I suppose that could be true. Liberals and Democrats liked Fitzgerald when he prosecuted Scooter Libby for a non-crime. I'll bet they don't like him now. (I never liked Libby or Fitzgerald; both of them exhibit lawyer ethics. They want to win at all costs, and are not in the least interested in justice.)


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