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Friday, December 05, 2008

I am seeing a push for Caroline Kennedy to be named to replace Senator Clinton. This is pathetic. Jeb Bush may run for the Senate from Florida, but at least he will have to win in a competitive race. In New York the people will elect whoever the Democrat party leaders select, and whoever they have put into the Senate will have the advantage of being the incumbent whenever they get around to having an election. I don't know anything about Caroline Kennedy, but assume she is a liberal as are her incompetent cousins who are in office because of their family. The sooner we can get all of the Kennedy's, Rockefeller's, Gores, Bushes, Pelosi's, Daley's and all others in office because of their family connections the better. Democrats like dynasty's; I don't. We don't have royalty in America, and we don't need it. Obama seems to be setting up a cult of personality. That is bad.


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