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Friday, December 05, 2008

Hawaii is going to go for electric cars according to this article:

This might work there since it is not necessary to drive great distances in Hawaii; in fact, the Islands are so small, you can't drive very far. Maybe they need electric powered boats or airplanes for travelling between Islands. It seems unlikely to me that they would be able to get the electric energy they need from windmills. I doubt people there would like to have windmills ruining the view all around they Islands; after all, the economy there is based on tourism. Building 100,000 electric car re-charging stations seems like an ambitious undertaking to me. They have around one million cars, so that is one recharging station per ten cars, so I guess they are planning on it taking a fair amount of time to re-charge the batteries. I suppose they would need to put a lot of the recharging stations at hotels, since that is where a lot of the cars on the Islands are parked at night. I wonder if they would consider the small nuclear power plants to generate the power they need. Naw, probably not. This will be an interesting experiment that might work in Hawaii, but it is going to cost far more than expected. Whatever the initial estimate is, they should at least double it.


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