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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here is a definition of fascism that I have not seen before, but it looks pretty good. This came from the blog "dissectleft:"

“Fascism, as I tell my students in my political philosophy classes, endorses absolute and arbitrary rule by a charismatic figure — Eva Peron comes to mind as the female of the species. And what these rulers promote differs, although quite a few capitalize on nationalist and racists sentiments so as to gather support from the local population. The United States of America is what is best described a mixed system, with democratic, fascist, socialist and other elements — not surprisingly, considering the incredible diverse citizenry who send representatives of a great variety of viewpoints to centers of power. Just now the fascist element is strong in Washington, especially where government’s relationship to economic affairs across the country is concerned. The signs are not difficult to spot.”

This discussion correctly points out that our government is a mixed form of socialism and capitalism. Under this definition Bush was not a fascist if for no other reason than that he was not charismatic. A lot of people swoon when near Clinton and Obama: Bush didn't have that effect on anyone. Obama is clearly a fascist. One of the things that is aiding the development of fascism in America is that a large part of the new citizens are from Latin America, a region accustomed to fascism.


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