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Saturday, May 09, 2009

The cataclysmic global warming hypothesis is very unlikely to be accurate. The sensitivity of the climate to rather small changes in carbon dioxide concentration is vastly overstated by the IPCC, which is more of a political body with a socialist agenda than a scientific body. Few people have an understanding of the thermodynamic processes involved in the dynamic climate action. I doubt that there are more than a handful of business and political leaders who have even a limited grasp of thermodynamics, and particularly the second law and the concept of entropy. I doubt that many of them even know what a perpetual motion machine of the second class is (which the second law of thermodynamics says cannot exist). Dr. Jennifer Marohasy in Australia has posted some blogs that discuss thermodynamics and climate, and cast doubt on the validity of the IPCC predictions. (Of course, data on polar ice extent, global temperatures, etc. also do not support the IPCC predictions.)

Here is the first blog.

Here is the second blog.


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