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Saturday, May 09, 2009

I have written before about the tendency of the Clinton Administration to take action to distract from their problems. And, of the focus on domestic foes of liberals and the Democratic Party rather than foreign foes. The Obama Administration has the same focus, as indicated by the recent DHS report that warns local law enforcement to put more emphasis on watching for people who oppose abortion and gay marriage, etc., than on Islamic terrorists. I have also written about the Clinton attack on the Branch Davidians, as an attempt to demonize Conservatives. Here is a comment on this same theme that was made by someone identified as Paleocon in response to George Will's column today:

On 26 February 1993, Ramzi Yusef and others who had been under intermittent FBI surveillance tried to blow up the North Tower of the World Trade Center in such a manner as to make it collapse into the South Tower. Two days later, the Clinton administration decided to serve a warrant on David Koresh. In the ensuing gunfight, four federal agents and six Branch Davidians died. After a 51-day siege, the government moved in and directly or indirectly killed 76 more Davidians, including 20 children, two pregnant women, and 24 British nationals.

Foreign terrorists had just tried to lay waste to our largest city, and a bewildering variety of street gangs and lunatic organizations were involved in _trafficking_ arms there and in other urban centers. One of these, the Chicago gang El Rukn, had a mutual-defense treaty with Libya, for crying out loud. Why did Clinton's people pick that moment to go after a failed rock musician leading a group of vegetarian Seventh Day Adventist schismatics who were _collecting_ arms in a _rural_ compound in Texas? Having chosen to arrest Koresh, why did they confront him in his stronghold instead of waiting for him to go to the grocery store?

Simple. They wanted to get the WTC out of the headlines, they wanted to make Clinton look bold and decisive, and they wanted to send a clear message to their domestic opponents. So they picked a politically correct target that they deemed a pushover. When the Waco siege became an embarrassment, they decided to cut their losses by lobbing incendiary CS grenades into a maze of wooden structures. In brief, they picked the wrong fight for the wrong reasons and murdered a lot of people who got in the way.


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