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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I did not like or admire Ted Kennedy. He was a hypocrite of higher order. He once made a speech in the Senate denouncing Senator John Tower as being untrustworthy because he was "a drunk and a womanizer." Imagine Ted Kennedy having the nerve to call someone else a drunk and a womanizer. Kennedy also made a speech in which he totally lied about Robert Bork. No matter what one thought about Bork, he was nothing like the way Kennedy depicted him. Kennedy was closely involved with John Kerry's lies and distortions about the conduct of American soldiers in Vietnam. Later he was instrumental in withdrawing support from the South Vietnamese government leading to the North Vietnamese victory over the South. Kennedy famously said that the "South Vietnamese people didn't deserve democracy." Kennedy also got a terrorist support bill passed into law that aided the IRA terrorists in Northern Ireland. His personal behavior was inexcusable. He was kicked out of Harvard for cheating, and his attempts to get one of his friends to take responsibility for the drowning of a young girl was reprehensible. Ted Kennedy exhibited all of the flaws of his brothers, but did not have their virtues.


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