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Saturday, September 05, 2009

I have tried to figure out if Obama is a Marxist or a fascist. Here is an article by someone who grew up in Hitler's Germany who argues that Hitler was actually a communist rather than a fascist, and that Obama is also a communist. Fascism does not seem to intrude onto the lives of ordinary citizens to anywhere near the extent that communism does, and life in Hitler's Germany was more like that in a communist country. Communists want to destroy capitalism (which Hitler said was his objective) while the fascists seem content with control over the means of production rather than taking outright ownership. I think Obama realizes that converting the United States into a communist country without outright warfare is impossible, but that we already are half-way to a fascist state. So, it would seem logical it is possible to push the USA into a fascist dictatorship through the existing electoral process. (It might be necessary to wait for replacement of a conservative on the Supreme Court with a leftist.) It would be necessary to have a series of crises to induce people to give more power to the state but that should be doable by artificially creating crises. Someone (we don't know who, but George Soros is a good bet to have been involved) withdrew over $500 billion from the US money market in an hour or so in September 2008, creating a severe financial panic that would have brought down the financial system of the world without swift action by the Bush Administration. Now Obama tells us that healthcare is in crisis, and that the government needs to take over healthcare immediately, without any discussion about what is being done. (Taking over healthcare is always a first step for socialists in attempts to take over a nation.) Then there is the proclaimed anthropogenic global warming crisis that Obama says can only be solved by the government taking over the production of energy. (Maurice Strong and the others in the group that set up the UN IPCC saw using global warming as a means of destroying Western Civilization, and setting up a worldwide socialist government.) Van Jones, the black racist and communist who is Obama's "Green Jobs Czar," has said that he sees global warming as the way to destroy capitalism. The battle for the future of America will be fought in Congress this Fall. If Obama is not successful in establishing government control over the US economy this year, look for him to create more artificial crises next year.


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