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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's funny how the reaction of the media to events depends on which political party is in charge. Obama is considering increasing the troop level in Afghanistan and the media hardly notices. There are no anti-war protests going on anywhere. We can all remember that when Bush increased troop levels there were a lot of protests that were covered by the media, who were skeptical of the wisdom of Bush's actions. But now a Democrat is in the whitehouse so there is little interest. Something similar has happened with regards to Obama's speech to schoolchildren. It appeared to me that the main complaints were not with the speech itself, but rather with the study material the Department of Education was putting out. That material appeared to be primarily about the aggrandisement of Obama himself, adding to the concern that Obama is attempting to create a cult of personality. The media went a bit crazy, complaining that the Republicans had gone paranoid, and reminding us that the first President Bush had also made a speech to schoolchildren (though without the study material). The media failed to mention the Democrat reaction to the Bush speech, which included congressional investigation. Here is a report from Powerline.


Blogger Kristin said...

There was one anti-war protest - but the MSM didn't cover any of it. Cindy Sheehan was at marthas vineyard protesting during BHO's vacation. The liberals don't care about her message they simply used her to get at Bush.

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