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Thursday, October 01, 2009

George Will has suggested that there should be a national commission created to study the AGW hypothesis. That will never happen; at least there will never be a fair commission established to study the issue. Obama might be willing to have a commission made up of AGW hypothesis supporters. But a fair commission; never. That is because in an honest debate, all of the dirty laundry of the AGW supporters would be revealed. I predict that a lot of them would not even show up, so egregious has been there exaggeration and distortion of data.

The Obama Administration is saying that the EPA will proceed with regulations on CO2 emissions if Congress won't take action. This seems like legislation by the Executive Branch. Something that is prohibited by the Administration. I don't think Obama is very concerned about the Constitution. He has said he doesn't like it.I wonder is any corporate organization would sue the EPA if they pass impose such regulations. I doubt it. They are afraid of the government, as well they should be, and selected ones will be granted favorable treatment. So fascism will continue to advance in America.

I heard on TV that some idiot in a position of authority, I missed exactly who he is, predicted that 2016 would be the last Olympics because of the effects of global warming. Given that the temperature of the world has been falling recently, and that many of the IPCC supporters of the AGW hypothesis are predicting another decade of cooling, that is clearly an incompetent prediction. There is some finite probability that there will not be an Olympics in 2016, but I would put the most likely potential cause as another World War.


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