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Monday, October 19, 2009

Things are not going well in South Africa, as was quite predictable. Blacks in Sub-Saharan Africa have an average IQ of about 70. This is not high enough for a person convicted of murder in Texas to be executed because they are judged to be incompetent. The white people in South Africa are beginning to have a hard time due to affirmative action programs that prevent them from getting jobs and a government that allows them to be ejected from their property. They are prevented from owning guns by law, so are unable to defend themselves. The result is that the whites are subject to torture, rape and murder. South Africa is going the way of Zimbabwe. As whites are displaced the infrastructure of the country will collapse. The media here in America is not interested in the plight of white people who are discriminated against, and are experiencing genocide. The attitude of the liberal American media is that the white people deserve it. The downward spiral in South Africa is accelerating. Here is an article about the situation in South Africa.


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