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Sunday, October 18, 2009

President Obama thinks that tensions between Islam and the West are rooted in colonialism. I think his attitudes are generally based on his African heritage. He may be thinking specifically of the British Mandate in Jerusalem from 1917 until 1948. I think he is wrong. It seems to me that Islam has been attacking the West for centuries. Charles Martel stopped the Muslims deep in France at Tours in 732. Muslims captured Constantinople and ended the Roman Empire in 1453. Don Juan of Austria defeated the Muslims at Lepanto to stop the advance into Greece in 1571. John Sobieski defeated a Muslim invasion of Europe at Vienna in 1683 (on 12 September, which was 11 September in the Western Hemisphere, making that a date of significance to Muslims). Now the Muslims have started another attempt to conquer the West. This time the strategy outlined by the Muslim Brotherhood is immigration and subversion. I doubt that Obama is the man who will defeat this current attempt at conquest of the West. I'm not certain that he wants to stop them. I think he rather likes their style.


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