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Friday, November 20, 2009

I have casually studied the effects of CO2 on the environment since I was in college over 50 years ago. Starting in the 1980's there was an attempt to demonize CO2, and at least some people adopted the idea that CO2 was going to cause global warming. This remains more of an assertion than something definitely proven by science. The advent of powerful computers made it possible to create climate models that could be used to project temperatures far into the future. It was not possible to validate the models due to the complex nature of the earth climate system, which is chaotic dynamic system. It was, and remains, uncertain that the models even contained all of the significant influences on long term climate. But, many politically active people seized on the models as proof that cataclysmic climate change was going to occur because of CO2 emissions. These people had a political agenda that included destruction of Western Civilization. (For people who doubt this, please read the comments of Maurice Strong, the man who started it all back in the 1980's.) It has long been obvious that supporters of the global warming hypothesis have worked to exaggerate the impact of CO2, and to marginalize those who disagreed with them. This has been reported from private conversations. Now hackers have broken into the computer system at Hadley and have published their emails that support the idea that they have worked with a political agenda. Here is the story. I have long known what was happening, but politicians and environmentalists were not concerned since it supported their agenda.


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