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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Since I am a bona fide "rocket scientist" I suppose I am qualified to comment on the apocalyptic AGW hypothesis. I was also a heat transfer specialist, and did thermal design on several spacecraft so probably know more about temperature instrumentation than the academic professors who directed graduate students working on gathering world temperature data. I have never believed in the apocalyptic AGW hypothesis. The reason had to do with the assumption that the temperature sensitivity of the world to an increase in an increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration was greater than 1. That is that temperature would go up faster than just the amount that would be expected due solely to that caused by the greenhouse effect of the CO2. The reason for my doubt was as follows: CO2 level had been several times the current level in the past, and temperature did not spiral upward, and, in fact, went down. Over time I also developed doubts about the integrity of the supporters of the AGW hypothesis because they continued to reduce the average temperature in their record of the past. They completely eliminated the Medieval Warm Period, something that was well established as having occurred. I also had severe doubts about the validity of the ground temperature measurements used to establish the Global Average Temperature Anomaly (GATA). Anyone who thinks he can take hundreds of temperature measurements made at poorly sited locations with instruments of uncertain accuracy and no established procedure and "correct" the measurements to get a meaningful GATA is kidding someone. Here is a discussion from the blog Strata Sphere that expresses similar concerns as mine.


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