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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last Sunday President Obama gave a speech in support of Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Margaret Coakley. In his speech President Obama reiterated his desire to convert the basis of American society from "equal opportunity" to "equal outcome." The founders of our country recognized that individual liberty is compatible with "equal opportunity" but not with "equal outcome." This should be obvious since coercion or even application of force that limits the liberty of some people is necessary to achieve "equal outcome." There are examples of various types of collectivist states, socialist, fascist, communist, that have attempted to enforce equal outcomes. These states have all devolved to a situation where most people are equally bad off, except for a ruling elite. Incentives for individuals to excel are eliminated, and the economy stagnates as structural unemployment grows. This is where President Obama's vision will lead America. Democrats are hoping that a majority of Americans share President Obama's vision of mediocrity, and his goal of managing America's decline. During the 2008 election President Obama was a one-eyed jack, and people didn't see him fully. I hope that people will reject his vision of America now that we have seen what he actually plans for America.


Blogger hbl said...

Well, it looks like Coakley's hash was settled tonight.

We now need to see how the progressives react; will they move to the center and live on to fight another day? Or, will they put the pedal to the medal.

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