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Monday, January 25, 2010

Most people accept the government data that the earth is warming. But recently a lot of questions have arisen about the data used in the record. It seems the record keepers have been dropping weather stations in northern regions, which tend to be cold, while keeping warmer stations. This cherry picking has increased the average temperature recently. This article mentions Canada, but 40% of the stations in Russia, primarily in Siberia, have also been dropped. In addition all stations in Bolivia, a high altitude region that is cold, have been dropped and replaced with an average of temperature from the Amazon and coastal Peru, both rather hot regions. On top of that they have been analyzing old temperature records and deciding that the measurements were biased high, and so reducing all of the temperature from 100 years ago. The result is a temperature history chart that shows an alarming rapid increase in temperature in recent times. This is clearly fraudulent, but until recently they were able to hide what they were doing, so the records of NCDC, NASA/GISS, and Hadley CRU were widely accepted. The bogus temperature record was used to calibrate the models that are used to predict future average temperature, which is why the models have failed to demonstrate predictive competence.


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