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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I watched the Congress harass the President of Toyota Motors today. The Democrat Congress persons, 31 of whom have received a lot of money from the UAW, owners of GM, had a lot of fun grandstanding before the TV cameras. I like the part where they read an internal Toyota memo that said Obama was hostile to industry. Everyone who is awake knows that is true, but naturally the President of Toyota was intimidated into saying he didn't believe it. Then there was a memo that said Obama was more interested in law than engineering. Given that Obama's team is mostly lawyers with no engineers in any important position, that also seems logical. But, the answer again was that the Toyota President didn't agree. Congress seemed to want to humble Toyota, and did not appear to be trying to do their job, which is to craft legislation for the good of the people. (I have never owned a Toyota, but I recall driving one that belonged to my daughter about 10 years ago. She recalls that the accelerator would sometimes stick on hers Toyota back then, so this may not be a new problem.)


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