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Monday, February 22, 2010

President Obama makes a speech every day. In his speech today he talked about education, and took his obligatory shot at President Bush (failures of "no child left behind"). Obama recounted a conversation he had with the President of South Korea about problems with education. The President of South Korea said his problem was with the parents of first graders who wanted even more instruction for their children including a demand that they be taught English in the first grade. President Obama wouldn't have that problem, since all of the people in the US who want better education for their children and can afford it have their children in private school. The ones who have their children in public school are more likely to complain that the children are being pushed too hard, have too much homework, and endure much too strict discipline. It wasn't clear what Obama plans to do to improve elementary education, but he does want to send all people to college. That has to be one of the silliest proposals ever made. The average IQ in the USA is now about 98. It takes an IQ of at least 106 to master any college course, thus fewer than half of the people in the country are college material. About 15% of the people are not able to master the high school curricula. We need to provide training for all citizens, but college is not for everyone. Training the citizenry for useful employment is needed, but we need serious programs, not political pap.


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