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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Liberals and Democrats are a mystery to me in many ways. For example they would like to ban smoking tobacco for a variety of reasons such as damage to the health of the smoker that puts a financial burden on all of us, or that cigarette smoke is a nuisance. Recently I read that in California there is a move to prevent people from smoking in their own homes. (It was not clear how that ordnance would be enforced.) At the same time liberals and Democrats would like to make it legal for people to smoke marijuana, even though the health damage to the smoker is more severe than smoking tobacco. Conservatives, on the other hand, think people should have a right to smoke tobacco since they only harm themselves by smoking. But, conservatives would like to ban marijuana because it potentially makes the users an immediate threat to others. Personally I think that smoking either tobacco or marijuana is a bad idea, but banning marijuana makes more sense than banning tobacco. I was glad when smoking cigarettes was banned where I worked. It did reduce my respiratory ailments.


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