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Monday, May 17, 2010

During Hearings on the appointment of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, there are some questions I think she should be asked:

Her boss, President Obama, has expressed concern that the Constitution of the United States does not address income redistribution. Does she share his concern? Does she think the Court should remedy this alleged shortcoming?

Does she think the United States is a Republic or a Democracy?

I have heard a Hispanic Democrat Congressman, in a speech to Congress, assert that all people in the world have a Constitutional right to come to the United States. Does she agree with that Congressman?

Her boss, President Obama, has frequently said that he wants Judges that favor the poor and disadvantaged. This seems to be in opposition to the idea that there is rule of law, and that Justice is blind. Does she agree with President Obama?

She seems to have some issues with the First Amendment, freedom of speech. Does she agree with her boss, President Obama, that corporations should not be able to spend money on political campaigns? Does she still think, as she once wrote, that the government has the right to ban speech it deems “harmful?” Does she realize that her boss, President Obama, regards criticism of him as “harmful” speech and would like to restrict such criticism?

She seems to have some issues with the second amendment which states unambiguously that citizens have the right to own and bear arms. She needs to explain what rights she thinks people have with regard to arms.

Does she think that foreign laws should be considered in interpreting the Constitution of the United States?

Does she think non-state actors at war with the United States should be treated as criminals or as enemy combatants?

Does she think that all people have a Constitutional right to healthcare? Does she think that the government should be able to force citizens to provide that healthcare?

In the past she has expressed admiration for socialism. Does she believe in individual’s rights to own property? President Obama has appropriated private property without due process. Does she approve of that?

Does she think it is more important for government to provide liberty for citizens (the founding principle of the United States) or to ensure equality of outcome for citizens?

Does she think that the Constitution should be modified by Judicial fiat rather than by Amendment?


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