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Thursday, May 06, 2010

I watched Charlie Rangel being interviewed about the financial crisis in Greece. He didn't think excessive pay for union members and government workers, which apparently includes most of the people, nor excessive entitlement payments, had anything to do with the situation. Instead, he blamed Goldman Sachs. Apparently they loaned too much money, or sold Greek bonds short, or something. At any rate, Charlie thought the problem was caused by capitalists rather than by politicians who promised more than could be delivered. Somehow, Republicans had caused the problem because they supported Goldman Sachs. That is curious since Goldman Sachs is well known as a supporter of Democrats. Later I saw a female Democrat spinner who seemed to think that the "Bush tax cuts" caused the financial crisis in Europe. It appeared to me that Democrats have an agenda of confuse and obfuscate, and blame everything that ever went wrong on George Bush. When I was a boy they blamed everything on Hoover, and that worked. So, I can see why they would continue that plan, but switching to Bush because a lot of their supporters don't even know who Hoover was.


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