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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The cost of higher education keeps going up much faster than inflation. The Departure from government of Obama's economics guru Austan Goolsby offers one explanation. After helping Obama destroy the economy of the US. Goolsby is leaving to return to his day job as an economics professor at the University of Chicago, which pays him $460,000 per year. (I used to laugh at Goolsby's stupid economic ideas that he presented on TV, like increasing taxes to foster growth. If that is what they teach at Chicago, no wonder the nation is in trouble.) And, part of the reason college is so expensive is that the schools have bevy's of famous folks on the payroll at huge salaries, but who don't actually teach courses. I don't see why students should have to pay the salaries of the pontificators. Maybe the political party they belong to should pay them instead of the poor students.


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