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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Sofitel Hotel is in the news now due to a French bureaucrat getting into trouble while staying in a $3000 per night room. I stayed in the Sofitel once, and as I recall it cost only slightly more than my per diem allowance, which was a lot less than $3000 per day. My accommodations were excellent, so I wonder why a guy on the public payroll needed such an expensive room. This points up a significant issue that I see these days. Specifically that government employees are more and more acting like the Lord and Master of the people rather than servants of the people. This is reflected in the high salaries and benefits given to public employees now. Public employee unions demanding bargaining rights are one example of the current trend. The people need to re-establish primacy, but it will be difficult given that both political parties are on board with the government employees.


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